View Full Version : [SPOILERS] My thoughts on Class

08-11-2016, 07:10 AM
So class, that was a thing. I watched the first 2 episodes and, well for one thing it feels like it's trying to be 2 things at once, a school show and a Doctor Who spin off (which it is)

I feel people won't get some of the homour outside of the UK, I had a big laugh at the headmaster saying all OFSTED inspectors are evil. There is also a lot of typical english school stuff as well, and it's all set in the Doctor Who world which I didn't feel was really needed as it has a setting that just doesn't fit Doctor Who. Basically some timey wimey thing happened and now there is a portal where bad guys come out of to get frowned at by the Doctor, but oh wait, the Doctor is busy doing busy things A.K.A he couldn't be bothered to help the school out. So it's up to these erm... people I guess

This show wasn't on TV and it definitely shows. There are product placements everywhere, and BBC Three are doing a lot of stuff that they just couldn't pull off on TV. Most of it isn't PG so I won't mention it, but it's kinda messed up in a way. If you aren't aware of what's going on with BBC Three, then here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58_cUHX6Fgc it's very videorey

In summary, if you're a Doctor Who fan, you should probably give it a watch as I think it will give some stuff towards Clara's life, as it is briefly mentioned in the first episode. If you couldn't give a toss about Doctor Who then spend your time on something else. Anyway, bye