View Full Version : This is NOT a ban appeal... but I have a story for you.

18-12-2016, 04:00 PM
Here, I'll make your guys's lives easier. I'm sorry. I'm not going to try to give you long-winded speeches with bad grammar. (maybe a long-winded story though) And look, I'm not trying to get back on the server. I understand that I did something that I shouldn't have, and I'm sorry for giving you the inconvenience of having to ban me. To make it up*, because I'm just a nice guy myself, I'll give you guys that story!

One time there was a square blocky dude who had a horrible looking skin. He surfed youtube and watched videos about geometry dash and math n' stuff.

However, one day, he said,"You know what I'm going to look up a minecraft server for no reason and...hmmmm you know what let's also make sure it's a tardis server. Then he found an amazing server, started it, registered, and started playing. Sometimes people were on with him, sometimes he was alone. He started learning more and more about what he could do and he started to get tons of nice things and, yeah... (well this is a boring story so far, isn't it?) BUT let's not forget the good part!

One day, he was on, and for some STUPID reason this he was all like,"Herp-a-derp ooh look doggies!! They're so cuuuuute! And look when I hold food they turn their heads! Awwwwwww LET'S KILL THEM." Then the stupid jerk (probably another reincarnation of Chara for all we know) got banned for killing half of them. However, he was really kind of leaving the server anyway, because he was going back to watching youtube, so he decided to make a story for the people still on the server!

I guess my point is, I really am just like a creeper. I come for a little bit, before I either blow up in your face or you kill me off. I think you guys did a good job with the latter. I also hope I was entertaining! ;3;

*Remember, I'm not trying to be unbanned, I already know it's over for me when I am banned.

18-12-2016, 08:56 PM
"Banned for killing tamed wolves at sandmine, those weren't yours."

Wait, was it you that did the 'they're so cute, let's kill 'em' sort of thing? I am so confused. Oh well, you were a bit of fun while you lasted

19-12-2016, 06:23 AM
Thank you. :)

19-12-2016, 01:10 PM
A shame orange, I liked you