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    Server info
    This is a survival BUILD server, PvP is disabled except at the arena.

    Castrovalva was started in October 2011. This is the 5th map reset, ie Version 6 of the City.

    Why is spawn called Castrovalva
    From the 19th Season episode ‘Castrovalva’, (5th Doctor, Peter Davison 1981). The url castrovalva.com was already taken, it was GM2K’s idea for the domain name of thatsnotacreeper.com

    This is a PG rated server
    We have a zero tolerance policy on offensive behaviour, bypassing the chat filter will never be tolerated. On this server we ban first and dont ask questions second.

    Stealing, griefing, abusing game bugs, using hacked clients such as Xraying or any other external program to the client

    How do I make money
    Sell items to other players or to the admin shop. Sometimes another player will pay others to mine for them, make deals with other players to trade or work together.

    Player XXXX didnt pay me what I was promised, what can I do about it?
    Majority of the time mods/admin will not get involved in arrangements between players. Be very certain about the terms and conditions about any arrangement you have with another player, you cant complain later if you didn’t realise you had to give up all the diamonds you found when working for someone else. However if ...


    The ELEVEN commandments as handed down by the Mighty Admin

    1. Thou shall not steal thy neighbours stuff
    2. Thou shall not shoot thy friend with an arrow to the head (unless thy friend likes it)
    3. Thou shall not ask the gods for free stuff (see rule 4)
    4. Thou must not moan when life is not perfect (you die and lose your stuff, see rule 3)
    5. Listen and heed the words of the Admin, else suffer thy consequences
    6. Do not speak the forbidden words.
    7. Do NOT ask for staff, admin, mod or op. NEVER EVER! GOT IT? (This includes asking in a joking or "not really asking"