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  • Rules

    The ELEVEN commandments as handed down by the Mighty Admin

    1. Thou shall not steal thy neighbours stuff
    2. Thou shall not shoot thy friend with an arrow to the head (unless thy friend likes it)
    3. Thou shall not ask the gods for free stuff (see rule 4)
    4. Thou must not moan when life is not perfect (you die and lose your stuff, see rule 3)
    5. Listen and heed the words of the Admin, else suffer thy consequences
    6. Do not speak the forbidden words.
    7. Do NOT ask for staff, admin, mod or op. NEVER EVER! GOT IT? (This includes asking in a joking or "not really asking" asking sort of way!!!).
    8. Thou shall not cheat, use hacks, grief, steal etc
    9. Thou shall not preach words of false deity’s.
    10. Thou shall not proclaim to be a false Prophet.
    11. Peddlers shall not be welcomed unto the mighty city of Castrolvalva. Take thy snake oil somewhere else for thou is banished forever


    All knowing, all seeing with the power of the fabled scrolls, able to crucify mere mortals with a single command, has the ability to call on the gods for lighting strike, fire or nuke (think carpet bombing), has time travel ability to roll back changes in minutes or hours for the whole world or just an area, able to read the pick marks on blocks, ability to see trails where there is no trail, who pays homage to the mighty Hosting Deity, the power to remove offensive language from the mouths of the heathens before they can even say the forbidden words, and finally, not known for their generosity in handing out free stuff.

    MOD status

    Moderators have the authority (with many of the admin commands) to help run the server or make decisions, take action without referring to an Admin for settling disputes. Their decision will be backed by Admin.


    • scrolls – server log
    • time travel – restore the world or local area to an earlier state
    • pick marks on blocks – identify who placed a block/item anywhere in the world
    • to see hidden trails – identify who removed a block/item anywhere in the world
    • hosting deity – pays the host the monthly rental in real life money
    • forbidden words – chat filter that strikes the foul mouthed ones with lightning
    • free stuff – dont ask for free items, or for creative mode, the answer is always NO
    • consequences – May the hammer of Thor strike you dead with lightning and thunder
    • gods – Admin or mod
    • false deity’s – Advertising other servers and thou shall be banished (banned forever)
    • steal - To take ANY item that you did not earn, buy, trade, mine or freely given by another player
    • false prophet - Using that tired old scam you are from PlanetMinecraft
    • arrow to the head - PVP is NOT allowed unless the other player wishes to PVP
    • peddlers - The equivelant of door to door salesman and charlatan's
    • banished - banned
    • snake oil - promises of increasing player numbers, making the server run better, trying to sell plugins etc, offering hosting or server reviews etc etc