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    How do I make money
    Sell items to other players or to the admin shop. Sometimes another player will pay others to mine for them, make deals with other players to trade or work together.

    Player XXXX didnt pay me what I was promised, what can I do about it?
    Majority of the time mods/admin will not get involved in arrangements between players. Be very certain about the terms and conditions about any arrangement you have with another player, you cant complain later if you didn’t realise you had to give up all the diamonds you found when working for someone else. However if there has been outright deceit by anyone making an arrangement with another player, ie you dont pay the person working for you or the employed person doesn’t give back the silk touch pick that was only loaned, someone is probably going to to be looking for another server to play on. Most likely the mod/admins wont be interested in sorting out minor disputes, so just make sure you are both very clear on the arrangements your getting into. There has not been a problem so far.

    Why is the admin shop buy price so low and the sell price so high?
    ‘The admin shop is NOT your friend‘. It costs a lot of money to run a city, paying the public lighting bills and the street cleaners, you don’t see any rubbish in the streets do you? The purpose of the admin shop is to set a base price for the few items it will buy and sell from/to you. Most items you sell to, or buy from the shop are at a very poor price. If you want to make some serious money then work out what people want the most, and how much they are willing to pay. Look around the city at the many player shops to get an idea of prices, then setup your own shops (see the chestshop plugin page) and sell or buy items yourself. If no one is buying what you are selling its probably because a) your price is to expensive, or b) no one wants what you are selling.

    I want to setup my own player shops
    You can buy a plot at spawn to setup your own shop, its not for your base or storage area. Strictly a shop to buy and sell to and from other players. Cost is $5000,this will get you the default plot that goes 5 blocks deep. You can also buy an expansion to your plot to expand it to bedrock level for 10 000$, you can sell your plot back to the city for 75%. You cant sell the land to other players.
    Easy….mine, mine, mine then mine some more. Sell your cobble, redstone etc to the admin shop for whatever the current price is. The admin shop for buying redstone is one of the few items where you get a reasonable price, another good way of making money is to smelt cobble into smoothstone and sell it to the admin shop.
    NOTE: Inactive player's shops will be removed if there are only few plots left.

    Will the admin shop inventory be expanded to buy and sell more items in the future?
    Unlikely, the whole point of the admin shop is for the value of items to be set a base price then let the market (ie the players) determine the actuall sell/buy from between players. NOTE: money spent at the ADMIN shop DOES NOT go into the accounts of any Admin.