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    Server info
    This is a survival BUILD server, PvP is disabled except at the arena.

    Castrovalva was started in October 2011. This is the 5th map reset, ie Version 6 of the City.

    Why is spawn called Castrovalva
    From the 19th Season episode ‘Castrovalva’, (5th Doctor, Peter Davison 1981). The url castrovalva.com was already taken, it was GM2K’s idea for the domain name of thatsnotacreeper.com

    This is a PG rated server
    We have a zero tolerance policy on offensive behaviour, bypassing the chat filter will never be tolerated. On this server we ban first and dont ask questions second.

    Stealing, griefing, abusing game bugs, using hacked clients such as Xraying or any other external program to the client will not be tolerated. No matter what you read on the internet X-raying CAN be detected. Your first offence will result in a permanent ban, we have no warning system. You do not get a second chance. Look though the news posts on the web site to read about the banned users or look on the ‘Banned Users’ page for the complete list of users who will never return to this server.

    Every single block and item you remove or place as well as objects placed or removed in a chest is logged. ie if you take just one block or item from any chest it will be recorded.

    Where do I build?
    Anywhere outside of the protected areas, check the live map, protected areas are red. DO NOT build close to someone else unless your ask them first.

    There are kits to get you started with food and tools, but you can only access them from this web site. Look around to find the link.

    Do not constantly ask others for free items, if you share items with others they are more likely to help you out in the future

    Can I take over an un-protected abandoned build? Probably not, however if you ask we will investigate who owned it previously and make a decision.

    Nether world
    There are no commands in the nether world, so you can't /spawn or /home to get away easily. This is to make it more challenging! TARDIS Siege Mode in that world is also disabled.

    Attention future Tardis owners
    DO NOT ask admin or other players for the items to make a Tardis. This is a survival server, you gather the materials yourself.
    Remember that setting home inside the TARDIS interior is NOT allowed.

    Protection from stealing/griefing
    Every chest you create is locked automatically. To prevent griefing we use the Protection Stones plugin to create a WorldGuard area.

    Your Tardis will not travel to the End, the Nether or to the Vortex (check this link as to why the Tardis shouldnt travel to its own interior)

    Inactive users
    You will eventually get moved back to the guest group if you are inactive, there is not set time for removing inactive players however you would have to be inactive for at least a month. If you wish to rejoin the server, register again and check your email for the verification link and you will be promoted into the builder group you were before.

    VIP’s will not be moved to guest status for as long as your VIP lasts.


    There is a separate page for rules.

    What will the Admin’s and Mods do for you?

    If you mean replacing lost items, building things for you, explaining in detail instructions that are on the web site, then the answer is none of those things.

    Admin’s and mods will very promptly take care of problems with other users such as griefing, stealing, abuse, server problems such as permissions and anything else related to the operation of the server. This is a survival server and you are expected to do everything yourself, or work with other people to achieve what you want to do. Admin’s and Mod’s WILL ban, without warning, players who grief, steal or for any anti-social behaviour in chat. Bans are permanent and will not be revoked.

    How can I get TimeLord, Mod, Admin, OP or creative?

    You cant, don’t ask.

    Admins & mods play the game the same as you, we do not fly or spawn items in. We also die just as much as anyone else.