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  • Builder3

    Cost $15000

    Inherits all permissions of Builder1 & Builder2 groups

    Builder3 rank will give you more options with the Tardis plugin. Check the Tardis page for details.

    NOTE: You must be in the Builder2 group before you can buy Builder3

    You can upgrade yourself to this group if you go to 'Minecraft Server' | 'In-Game Purchases'
    If an inactive player returns to the server at a later time, they will start in the Builder1 group again.


    We are using to the Protection Stones (PS) plugin to protect and claim land area Just place an emerald ore block to claim a 100x100 (bedrock to sky) area. No other players will be able build on your claimed land unless you allow them access.

    Builder3 may place 3 PS ore's.