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    A contribution of USD$10 will give you the following extra privileges;

    (Note: This is a donation to the server rental, it is NOT a fee to play on the server. Anyone may play for free. Being a donator does not protect you from being banned if you ignore the rules)

    $10 donation will get you VIP for 3 months
    $20 donation will get VIP for 9 months


    $4 per month subscription.

    4 home locations

    VIP in-game title

    Extra Tardis console, room options and more, see the Tardis page for details

    Paste URL’s into chat

    /top (moves you to the highest block directly above)
    /back (note: cannot return to place of death)


    Create a sign with [XPKeeper] on the first line.

    That’s it, your done.

    To add your XP to the sign, left click (with nothing in your hand).

    To retrieve your XP, right click (with nothing in your hand).
    (Note: you may create 1 sign in each world)

    NOTE: If you die you don't lose your XP anymore


    We are using the Protection Stones (PS) plugin to protect and claim land area Just place an emerald ore block to claim a 100x100 (bedrock to sky) area. No other players will be able build on your claimed land unless you allow them access.

    VIP's may place 5 PS ore's.

    The ability to modify your own worldguard regions

    Your Tardis worldguard area in the Vortex is called ‘tardis_playername’

    eg make your own worldguard area a PVP free zone, stop anyone from using lighters or TNT, breaking minecarts, add owners or members to your area etc

    You will need to read the worldguard wiki.

    These are the permissions you have;

    – worldguard.region.flag.regions.use.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.farewell.*
    – worldguard.region.redefine.own
    – worldguard.region.info.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.chest-access.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.pvp.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.greeting.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.tnt.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.vehicle-destroy.*
    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.vehicle-place.*
    – worldguard.region.removeowner.*
    – worldguard.region.redefine.member.*

    – worldguard.region.flag.flags.lighter.*

    …and I really do mean you will have to work these out yourself. I don’t have time to explain or write the instructions on how worldguard works.

    Note: Contributing to the server is NOT required, anyone is welcome to join the server and play for free. Well, almost anyone...griefers and thieves need not apply, feel free to donate though