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    VIP+++ members never lose VIP status, ever.

    VIP+++ dont have to sleep when other players want to change the time to morning.

    /back (on death) – return to where you died

    Showcase Standalone

    /scs display - you have to hold the item first
    /scs remove - just follow the prompts.

    Player Skulls

    You now drop your head if you die. Note! This is not meant to be abused, i.e. You kill yourself 20 times to get 20 skulls without any reason whatsoever. This is meant to be a small trophy if someone defeats you in PvP area or in Skaro world.

    Vortex Manipulator

    You can use the vortex manipulator. Send messages to other VIP's with a cool way and travel instantly. But remember, it's cheap and nasty Check the tardis page for more details.

    TARDIS Area

    You can have a tardis parking area at your base to make it easy for players to get to your area if you wish

    1. Maximan of 4 Tardis parking (square or rectangle area)
    2. No recharger
    3. Area will be the same as your game name, will make it easier for others to travel to your base
    4. Permission to travel to these areas will be for builder2 and higher (Majority of thieves and griefers never get past builder1, no point making it too easy for them). Honest builder1 players...you need to upgrade, check the web site for details.

    Send one of the staff members an ingame mail with the co-ords, once you have marked out the area. Leave two blocks spacing between each Tardis area

    So how do you get VIP+++?

    • $50 contribution to the server costs (You must be at least 18 to donate for VIP+++)

    $50 donation and you will become a VIP+++ lifetime player (also no change). You will never to be deleted, always considered an active player even if you never return, we will just assume you are off exploring in the Farlands and that one day you will return. Your name, title/rank, tardis, home etc will stay and be protected forever (unless there is a world reset)

    Note: Contributing to the server is NOT required, anyone is welcome to join the server and play for free. Well, almost anyone...griefers and theives need not apply, feel free to donate though