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    Tardis instructions TARDIS

    Tardis quick Index site-map

    Tardis Changelog
    Tardis resource pack ,Note that this pack requires optifine or mcpatched version to work properly
    Tardis Sound resource pack

    NOTE! Setting home inside the TARDIS is NOT ALLOWED. If you do this, there is a high chance your TARDIS will be deleted.
    How to delete your Tardis

    You cant, you have to get an admin or mod to do it for you. Why, you are thinking? The less-than honest players see this as a way of getting free blocks. Your Tardis will be inspected to see if you are just harvesting the blocks for free stuff. If your Tardis looks a bit like the one shown below you will never get to have a new Tardis. The only way to get a working Tardis is to rebuild it and be forced ...

    You will need a golden shovel and a stick. You can claim your land with the golden shovel. You start off with 2000 blocks and get 100 more per each hour you play.

    Land claims are easy to manage.
    • New players get automatic claims around their first chests.

    • Players who ask for help in chat get an instant link to a demonstration video.

    • Resizing claims and creating new claims is done with ONLY the mouse, no slash commands.

    • When a player appears to be building something nice outside his claim, he's warned and shown his

    Read the WIKI for complete details


    Tired of your wolves being pathetic? Well now its time for you to stop being such a pathetic beast handler and increase your skill in Taming. Taming increases by engaging in combat with your Tamed wolves. Levels of Taming will offer benefits to your wolves such as damage reduction versus explosions, fire, fall damage, and all incoming damage. Offensive skills that increase the damage of the wolves and offer critical strike chance and a DoT applied to foes unlucky enough to be “Gored” by your wolves. ...

    CHEST SHOP -How to create a chest shop to sell or buy items
    Place a sign next to a chest

    1. 1st line: Your in-game name
    2. 2nd line: The amount you wish to sell each time. eg 1
    3. 3rd line: B amount – B is the price for someone will pay you e.g. B 10 OR S amount – S is the price you will pay to another player e.g. S 10
    4. 4th line: is the correct name of the item, or use the item ID. eg 66 is a rail line
      Note: Select the item in your inventory and type /iteminfo to get the item ID

    [Left click the