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    Tardis instructions TARDIS

    Tardis quick Index site-map

    Tardis Changelog
    Tardis resource pack ,Note that this pack requires optifine or mcpatched version to work properly
    Tardis Sound resource pack
    Group Console Rooms Time Travel to- Sonic Screwdriver Other
    Builder1 BUDGET (ars) arboretum Random co-ords Bio-scanner Tardis translate
    PLANK (ars) baker Standard Autonomous (homing function)
    CUSTOM bedroom Vault sorter
    PYRAMID empty
    Builder2 BIGGER antigravity Cave Emerald Envronment Advanced Console
    STEAMPUNK (ars) farm Disk Storage container
    TOM gravity Mob Farming
    MASTER renderer
    Builder3 REDSTONE library Biome Painter Atron Energy Cell storage
    DELUXE pool Temporal Locator
    CORAL Lazarus Device
    MsterBuilder ELEVENTH trenzalore Player Advanced controls
    Difficulty option
    VIP WAR Zero Room Co-ords Redstone Activator Perception Filter
    TWELFTH Ignite
    Sort Ability
    VIP+++ ENDER Diamond Disruptor & silk touch
    & Sonic Plant
    Immortality Gate
    Tardis Desktop Theme (tardis upgrade)&
    Tardis Desktop Archive
    Rift Manipulator & Vortex Manipulator
    TimeLord Freeze
    Admin circuit
    Skeleton Key

    NOTE! Setting home inside the TARDIS is NOT ALLOWED. If you do this, there is a high chance your TARDIS will be deleted.
    How to delete your Tardis

    You cant, you have to get an admin or mod to do it for you. Why, you are thinking? The less-than honest players see this as a way of getting free blocks. Your Tardis will be inspected to see if you are just harvesting the blocks for free stuff. If your Tardis looks a bit like the one shown below you will never get to have a new Tardis. The only way to get a working Tardis is to rebuild it and be forced to read the instructions on how to set up all the controls again as you wont be getting any help repairing the damage you did.

    Vortex Manipulator

    These are the commands for it, but there is also a GUI based button system for those of you who want a challenge. Note that the vortex manipulator requires Tachyon energy to work. If you have the tardis resource pack you can see the GUI properly, which also displays your energy.


    /vmh {subject} or /vm help - This will display help and commands for the plugin


    /vm {worldname} - Teleport to a random location in the specified world
    /vm {worldname} {X} {Y} {Z} - Teleport to specific location in the specified world
    /vm - Teleport to random world, random location. If another player is standing on the same block as you, they will teleport with you, using more energy
    /vm go {custom} - Teleport to saved location


    /vms {custom} - Save a specific location
    /vmr {custom} - Remove saved location


    /vmm {player} {message} - Send message to other user with a device
    /vmm {in/out} [page] - See received or sent messages
    /vmm read {#} - Read specific message
    /vmm delete {#} - Delete specific message
    /vmm {in/out} clear - Clearing "new" sends to old, and clearing "old" deletes all stored messages


    /vml - list entities nearby, mobs and players
    /vml {player} - Gets health and hunger of a player, possibly oxygen level too.


    /vmb - send out a beacon signal that lasts until the player moves