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    Welcome to the new thatsnotacreeper.com!

    Lets get the bad news out of the way first: We've decided to start fresh so all old news articles won't be brought over to the new site (at least for now). This may change in the future but I'll make the old site available at http://old.thatsnotacreeper.com if you want to relive some past glories, just remember to check here for anything new. A fresh start also means that you'll have to register again. I am sorry about that but that's the only way to guarantee minecraft UUIDs and other necessary bits of info get brought into the new system.

    Photos you've uploaded on the old site to your profile will be shown on their own page (http://www.thatsnotacreeper.com/custom/oldphotos.php). If you want to upload new photos you can create new albums and upload photos via your new profile page.

    Now that all the unpleasantness is out of the way lets move on to the good stuff! As you can see there is a bit different about this site compared to the old version. All the information that was available on the old site should be available (let us know if I've missed something!).

    The 'Home' tab covers general information: News, Rules, Information about the server groups etc. Basically most of what was on the old site is now under this tab.

    The 'Forum' tab is pretty self-explanatory. We now have a proper forum! There's so much there compared to the old forum it's impossible to list it all. I'm sure you've all used a forum before somewhere so it won't be new to you. Go explore, have fun.Again, let us know if you have any suggestions for the site/forums.

    The 'Minecraft Server' tab. This is where some of special things we can now do is hidden away. The Live Map and Logs (Chat, Chest Shop, Found Ores and Banned Players*) that were on the old site are stored here for your viewing pleasure. Also in here is the new MCMMO stats page. As I'm sure you're all aware the old profile pages only showed the top 10 players (ranked by Power Level), your rank and the person directly above you. This new page highlights where you are but shows you everybody's position. Just for fun I've also made it so you can rank people by the individual skill rather than just Power Level. Who cares about total power level so long as you're an expert fisherman am I right?

    *Unlike the list of Banned Players on the old site, this one is actually working!

    The In-Game Purchases page. This is what I call "The Biggie". This was one of the main reasons I wanted to move to vBulletin. Now that we have software that can handle different groups a whole lot better we can do some cool stuff. More will be added to this page over time but for now we have the in-game ranks. Say you're a Builder1, have finally saved up enough cash to get to Builder2 but no-one's online with permissions to move you up. I guess you'll just have to wait around, right? WRONG! Visit the 'In-Game Purchases' page and if you qualify for a new rank you'll see a button saying "Promote Me!". Click it and away you go! No more waiting around. VIP donations should automatically happen as soon as people pay now too. Again, no more waiting around for the right people to be online.

    So that just about sums it all up. Have a look around, try out the new features and let us know what you think!

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    1. ToppanaFIN's Avatar
      [Admin] ToppanaFIN -
      Hahaaa..Awesome work like I thought! I love this new site its so much better
    1. asplinduh's Avatar
      Mmmmm this's gonna be great!
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      Will be good with the auto rank and VIP promotion. Save me time having to do it and remembering to check expiry dates.
    1. wezerds's Avatar
      I can't find the Grief Protection stuff just that I would give a heads up