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    With the new web site registration process has changed slightly. There is no /register command any more, guests must register on the web site. Once the registration is completed an email will be sent to the player which contains a link they must click to activate the registration which will then put them in the builder1 group.

    The registration email will probably be in their spam/junk folder. You can't click on links in the junk folder it needs to be moved out of the junk then the link will work.

    The player no longer has to type /register in game after registering (command is removed anyway) as the email verification will take care of that.

    Players will only be allowed to register with a valid minecraft name and if they use a fake email address they will never get the verification email.

    All current builders not registered on our new web site need to register now, as I will putting you into the guest group soon to force you to register.