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    I have just ordered a new server to run thatsnotacreeper.com and pokebay.com on. It seems to be about every 18 months we upgrade the server, the new server has double the ram and storage for the same price we are paying now (GM2K Edit: The price is actually a worthwhile amount less). We have about 5 weeks until our current server rental expires. We will let you know when the change over to the new server will happen, ideally it would happen at the same time as the 1.9 upgrade. When we do move to the new server the domain name (ie server) will be unavailable for a few hours while the change of DNS takes effect around the world.

    Now seems to be a appropriate time to mention supporting the server with a VIP subscription..special hello to our long term players out there. Remember, this server runs on the generosity of a minority of the active players. Without those generous players there would no server, I don't know of any other survival build server that protects your build projects like we do, banning players without warning or second chance who have shown to be untrustworthy with the admin/mods investigation ALL reports of problems with players behaviour, stealing, language etc. Our priority always has been to look after our current player base even at the expense of gaining more players by rejecting others that cant be trusted or meet our high standard of behaviour....1397 banned players and counting. [/shameless plug]

    NOTE: I'll be asking for co-ords soon of what you want transferred to the new world, keep watching this space.
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    1. DementedSun's Avatar
      Is it possible to have two things transferred? One is a small floating house in the sky, and the other being my main house on the ground. I imagine the sky one would be easier .
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      No problem. Its when something is underground that can be harder.
    1. DementedSun's Avatar
      Sweet, thanks! I'm glad I didn't build anything too big yet, and instead stockpiled tons of building materials for when we upgrade to 1.9.
    1. DarkJinjo420's Avatar
      How large of an area may be transferred? I have a large above ground city that I'd hate to part with completely.
    1. Zick_Silvertree's Avatar
      [Admin] Zick_Silvertree -
      Klev used schematica on her town and then reclaimed the blocks , next map schematica will rebuild for her the places she wants to set them this way you know you got it saved for sure
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      Quote Originally Posted by DarkJinjo420 View Post
      How large of an area may be transferred? I have a large above ground city that I'd hate to part with completely.
      Im not transferring large builds as it kills the server, also copying and pasting in multiple parts to then rejoin to is hard and time consuming. For large scale project you are better of to use schematica to copy it and then rebuild. Chest rooms, smaller bases no problem. This time I'm not spending weeks transferring things over, apart from the time and effort required many players dont bother to blend in the copied build into the new world which never looks good.