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    Thank you to the two players who created the enderman trap in the End, you both have been around long enough to know you cann't do that as it lags the server. I'll put it down to stupidity, as deliberate griefing will also get VIP's banned (its happened before). One permission has been removed from you both.
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    1. DaddyElf's Avatar
      In my defense I have done this on my private server and it didn't create an issue, i think maybe the fact that i didn't get everything including the islands covered is what caused the problem. I apologize for my ignorance and the difference between vanilla and spigot. I know as a budding plugin writer that there are difference between the two but I was not aware of this one. In no way was I trying to harm anyone else's gameplay or impede the server in any way. I am sorry that my actions had any negative affect on anyone else. As this was my idea (tested on private) no one else should be penalized for my actions. I take the full responsibility on myself and apologize for any inconvenience to anyone. It was not my intent to cause any harm to the game or its players.

      Dale Perkins AkA DaddyElf
    1. GM2K's Avatar
      [Admin] GM2K -
      I'm so disappointed to read this... The title clearly should have been "The End-cident". I expected more from you mark