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  • [UPDATED] Map down

    Update #3: Map now works.

    Update #2: Still working on it, still going to be a while.

    Update #1: Server will be back up in a minute but the map is going to be offline for a while.

    Server is going to be down for a little bit. Dynmap went crazy and created a HD map for Adventure which used up all our hard drive space. Need to delete it before we can start it up again but deleting hundreds of thousands of files is taking longer than I thought.
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    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      Haven't we had a similar problem with HD maps being created? I'm getting some Déj* vu
    1. GM2K's Avatar
      [Admin] GM2K -
      Yeah, the difference was that this time no-one actually told it to create the HD map so it was unexpected.
    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      Map is only showing the spawn world, thought I might mention this.