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    Some old players might remember this, The easter Egg hunt in 2014!
    That's right, it will be back very soon. Stay tuned

    "Anyways, it's easter, so I guess there might be some eggs lying around the server with stuff inside them, who knows.
    If anyone feels like looking around, you can start at /warp egg :P" -Jay

    Edit: The egg hunt is over!

    Credit to Jay , jaydeecorp13 , JazzPanther, however you call him, he made this possible
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    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      What happens if I don't stay tuned?
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    1. Swixen's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] Swixen -
      Quote Originally Posted by MrRockboy222 View Post
      What happens if I don't stay tuned?
      But, what if you do stay tuned?