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    We have discussed about our current protection stones plugin and compared it to the one we used to have, Grief Prevention.. And we decided to go back to that instead, but don't worry, You have 3 until that happens, plenty of time for us to install it to the background and do all the configurating so it will be ready on June 22nd or 23rd.

    How is it different from Protection Stones ?
    You can make multiple protected regions and they don't have to be 100x100 like they are now, you can also expand your existing ones or make them smaller, it's more practical.
    It also has many more options, as in if you only want someone to be able to open your chests but not build, you can do that

    Here is a link to a Youtube video about it, and a link to the Spigot page of the plugin for more info.

    Protection Stones page on the website will be replaced with Grief Prevention page when the time comes, I'll try to list the commands there.
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    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      Never really got why we got rid of it, it's quite a nicely thought out plugin.

      Tbh, I never really bother with the whole protection thing, it's still very much against the rules to destroy someone else's stuff, and it's all logged so it's not like it can't be rolled back.
    1. ToppanaFIN's Avatar
      [Admin] ToppanaFIN -
      Yeaah but it makes life easier for the staff not having to check everything all the time
    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ToppanaFIN View Post
      Yeaah but it makes life easier for the staff not having to check everything all the time
      You don't need to check everything at all time. Just if someone has nicked/destroyed my stuff, then you need to check. Plus if a player is gonna do that stuff, they'll probably find a place to rob anyway, so catching them earlier is probably better.
    1. Swixen's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] Swixen -
      Will there be a replacement for the protection stone kit? Or will it simply be removed.
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      PS will be removed and replaced with Grief Protection. Actually GP is installed now, I'll wait a few days and then remove PS.

      Note: We choose to protected players land areas, but we expect players to make the effort to protect their own area. If players protected their own area then we wouldn't have to repair and restore areas, ie if there was nothing to steal/destroy there is nothing for the vandals to do except get bored and find another server to be a pest on. Also its less work for us to do.