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    Replaced my router and now internet is (just) good enough for MineCraft. Now getting a slightly faster than a snail pace of 4.07 Mbbps, pathetic but it seems to be enough now.
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    1. Zick_Silvertree's Avatar
      [Admin] Zick_Silvertree -
      Glad to see you back its been too long. If I knew that was the problem for you I would have smashed it with a hammer long time ago :P
    1. ToppanaFIN's Avatar
      [Admin] ToppanaFIN -
      You've missed quite alot, welcome back!
    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -
      You need to spend more time on our discord
    1. Redikko's Avatar
      Wubs mark