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  • The End of the World Tour!

    The mayans were right: the world is ending!

    We are going to be making a video of all of the server's builds. Although I am clearly amazing (sarcasm), I cant find everyone's stuff. Send me the coords for builds you want shown off in the final video!

    Also don't ignore this message because you feel like your builds are not 'good enough' for a video! This is a video about the server, not about the server's finest builds ^-^

    Also send your tardis to spawn and add "Octaviaz" to the allowed timelords, and ill go through those tardis interiors.

    [Moved to news so everyone will see it. -Topp]
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    1. shadowthehh's Avatar
      [Builder1] shadowthehh -
      My underground home.

      X: -3177.624

      Y: 44

      Z: -2719.902

      My Tardis is nothing special, just used it for moving around quickly. So it's just the default look. So no need for that.
    1. MrRockboy222's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] MrRockboy222 -

      Those coords will take you to my chicken parliament, which is currently lacking in chickens. Anyway, if you look out of the windows, you will see a terribly blocky building. Inside there, there is not a secret base which you cannot find by going to one of the corners, which doesn't lead to a trapdoor.

      I am a terrible person for creativity. Art has never really been my thing. However, I did use this game as a time killer for when I had less work to do. Nowadays, the time I would use to play Minecraft is now the time I do work.
    1. Swixen's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] Swixen -
      x7182 y68 z1016 (big boi base)

      Tardis can be found at spawn.
    1. wezerds's Avatar

      my base. the building to your left was the new base the other building was the old one i was taring down. my tardis is at spawn.

      wezerds (Harry Davidson)
    1. asplinduh's Avatar
      x-6227 y69 z9710 (my arena)

      I'm not worried about my house or tardis haha
    1. Xphomegra's Avatar
      [MasterBuilder] Xphomegra -
      Fort-Xpho is at -3476 83 -2972 (also accessible via a rail link from the stronghold).

      Tardis is at spawn.

      Don't worry about the giant wall of diorite granite and andesite outside fort-xpho, I intend to launch a missile at it.
    1. KlevrKrafter's Avatar
      [Admin] KlevrKrafter -
      That's so cool of you to do! Thank you! my stuff is part of a tardis travel destination, bottom right corner of the map. My tardis is parked near my big blue and white barn. Barn coords 9533 78 9037. Some other areas to consider for my area are my ship (8764 63 8760), my giant tree (9258 66 8354), my garden (9399 69 9193), my horse riding forrest (9595 70 9212), Practical Magic house replica (8856 71 8946), Castle entrance (9067 79 8955), Village (used to be public village in last version) 8973 65 8725, Fly practice area near my barn, i have a desert village at (7015 67 9808). Some other lesser builds but if you are interested: my spider farm 9377 12 9081, my skelly farm 9396 20 9747. Haha that's a lot... but at least now when people get single player copy they have some useful stuff to check out. There's a mermaid and a fishing island in there somewhere too. XD
    1. KlevrKrafter's Avatar
      [Admin] KlevrKrafter -
      This one is for IronTraveler
      7188 74 9780

      His tardis is parked at this village
    1. velvetelevator's Avatar
      My snow outpost: -9909, 80, 5931

      My castle that has been with me since the second (I think) map: -8447, 66, 3726
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      Quote Originally Posted by velvetelevator View Post
      My snow outpost: -9909, 80, 5931

      My castle that has been with me since the second (I think) map: -8447, 66, 3726
      Hi Velvet, yes I'm sure it was V2. I think you wanted to leave it behind for one of the resets, but I bought it over anyway. Don't forget to grab the world download when we zip everything up.

      best regards,