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    Its been a secret for many years, their is a hidden creative world where the admins would design new spawn worlds and experiment with redstone. We will make this world available for download also, although you will need to do a lot of searching as their are build spread over a huge area. Even for the admins this worlds inventory was seperate from all the other worlds, it wasn't possible to load up with diamonds and move back to the survival world, as a couple of players discovered when they accidently discovered the world.

    In here you will find our previous spawn castle, the huge maze that was hidden below and and all the massive redstone needed to operate all the hidden areas. The third image below shows a building I was considering using as a spawn point a few years ago, but there is lots of stuff like this scattered around the world.

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    1. wezerds's Avatar
      of things you leave up can you leave all of the server config files. encase someone wants to host the server locally.

      wezerds (Harry Davidson)
    1. markdf's Avatar
      [Admin] markdf -
      That's a good idea, will have to be seperate downloads for each world, but we can zip up all the plugins and cfg in another file.