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    by Published on 21-09-2015 09:16 AM  Number of Views: 4612 

    As there are only about 3 plots left for player shops at spawn I will soon be reclaiming plots that are either empty, have no (or very few) chest shops, and those that are owned by inactive players (including all VIP's). There will be no refund for land (as most are inactive they don't need money anyway), as I wont be keeping records of who had paid for land previously you will need to buy a plot again if you wish to own a shop in the future (no exceptions, even if I do remember you paid). ...
    by Published on 19-08-2015 06:00 PM     Number of Views: 15529 


    Yes, its true. Castrovalva v6 is coming with the Minecraft 1.9 release.
    (note its probably months away, I'll let you know when I need your build co-ords)

    Protection Stones has just been re-installed as it has been an updated and is working again. To claim and protect a 50 x 50 block of land all you have to do is place an Emerald Ore on the ground. It will also protect from bedrock to the sky limit. There is no need to protect an area if its already covered by Grief Protection, however after the world reset Grief Protection will be removed permanently. The 'groups' page will tell you how many World Guard areas you are allowed to have. Only the overworld will allow you to claim an area for your own

    Note for VIP+++, the 250 x 250 bonus WG area will not be available after the reset, you will be able to place extra PS ores to protect a large area.

    Before the move

    • Only MasterBuilder/VIP/TimeLord (at the time 1.9 is released) builds will be transferred (sorry, but due to the amount of players its just not possible to move everything for everyone)
    • Only main buildings will be transferred, ie you cant have a huge land area moved
    • No underground buildings to moved (to hard and time consuming)
    • No mob traps will be transferred
    • Animals & NPC's will not be transferred
    • Farms will not be tranferred
    • Details posted later on how to submit what you want saved. DON'T send me co'ords now
    • The Tardis world is NOT being reset, place your valuable resources in your Tardis, especially if you are not having builds moved to the new world
    • Just before the reset make sure you return to spawn, on the new world you may respawn inside a mountain or underwater and die and lose your inventory
    • Remove any XP you have saved on your XPK sign, as the database will be reset

    After the move
    • All chests & doors will be unlocked, make sure to lock them again when your builds are transferred
    • Its possible chest items may get lost in the move, it will depend on World Edit being fully compatible with 1.9 (its happened before when chests came across as empty, items in the chests will not be replaced if this happens)
    • Delete all of your old home warps, they may kill you if you end up underground or in lava
    • Submit the co-ords and file name where you want your build placed (more info about this later)
    • Recall your Tardis

    • Spawn will not change
    • Tardis world will not be reset
    • Nether & The End will be reset at the same time
    • The 2nd world; to be called Skaro, will still be created but it will be delayed now. (The name is hint about the new world)
    • The old V3 & V4 cities will not be kept
    • The old spawn for V5 will be kept, assuming I can move something so big (as I still have plans for the old spawn)
    • If you don't submit co-ords and details for the transfer I will assume you dont want anything transfered, this applys to VIP's also
    • Don't forget about schematica, you can use it to make schematics and easily rebuild your projects on the new world
    • MCMMO stats may or may not be reset
    by Published on 17-08-2015 09:43 AM

    Feel like a challenge and a chance to win some free stuff? See if you can crack the combination in Airo's temple. ...
    by Published on 30-07-2015 04:27 PM
    by Published on 27-07-2015 02:22 PM

    August 10th, the Tardis Console world will be deleted, remove any of your resources if you still want them. I'll be putting up a link soon if you want to download that world for use in single player. Just getting ready for something new and very different. ...
    by Published on 24-07-2015 06:57 PM

    Recently moved house and have only just had internet restored today finally.

    by Published on 12-07-2015 09:28 AM

    I want to regenerate parts of the world and cleanup the many old abandoned and ugly sites, devastated forests etc. If you are not sure about a site if its abandoned, leave the co-ords anyway and I'll check it out. Sites from players that havent been on for a very long time will also be removed. Perhaps there is an area you would like to take over but you are unsure if its still wanted?

    Regenerating will restore the area to its original state. I cant possible clean all of the map up by looking for ...
    by Published on 11-07-2015 10:00 PM

    Xphomegra (VIP) and asplinduh (VIP+++)

    Thanks guys! ...
    by Published on 10-07-2015 12:22 PM

    I was the one who banned you AFTER I read all of the log. You were rude and impolite to Zick & TOP. You were very demanding in what you wanted, you obviously have never heard of using manners. When you registered one of the items you agreed to do was to read the web site, if you read the section specifically for new builders you would know that admins/mods are not here to sort out your problems. This is a SURVIVAL server and you are expected to read the instructions yourself. If a player does not understand the instructions players may ask for clarification, ...
    by Published on 03-07-2015 10:23 AM

    Thank you very much Airo and Norge! ...

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