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I went in sane for these when 1.6.1 came out

Spider jockys
I proof that i found some

the sky
looks nice

Poke with his dog
this is from my first multi player sever i played on


Look What I Did


Kneeling Man
Guardian of blah blah blah..... Actually just wanted to try out a scaled player build and this is what happened. Originally the idea was that he'd be holding a 20x20 grass block and the sword was a last minute change, much better. Minecraft Bling. Dig it.


So this is what jay and healix looks like when they are morphed together.

Oh jay...
theres no telling WHAT that bear saw that day.

Last of my kind huh?
The last two lines always makes my day.

With hair and a beard!

Looks like theyre havin some fun...
lol @ this right as the server is being updated to 1.7.. time is CST.

ill just wait...
on big birds head!

Just some fun before the party! (that sadly didnt turn out)
and portal stuffs his face full of pillow! (hes gonna ruin his appetite)

Invisibility is fun!

The portal saga.
not ALL kinds of pictures of portal, but most...

Jay you silly goose! *ahrm* bear

Castrovalva, super shaded!
3 fps allll the way... I think these look amazing!

Spleef Arena, super shaded too!
boy the first two are... speechless! --and a bonus pic at the end!-- (too many pics huh?)

A feely feel that feels feely

Brother Bear
who's who?

Two time travelers, just hangin' around!
Me and portal were playing Garry's Mod and we came up with this. Just wanna share this with everyone here! (I had the Delorean, portal had the TARDIS. I guess I would be the Umbreon and portal would be Dr. Kleiner. I didnt really think of it that much..)

This is what I see when I enter wolfee's TARDIS...
Oh lordy!

hsilverwolfee and lilw123 morphed together
(and portal is a peice of dirt! lol jk jk! :P)

ma hair

The jay Saga
just like the portal saga, but with a lil' more bear

Dem skellies man!
too bad there arent any good arrow jokes...

Wheres the purge?

Kade n' Jay
Jay n' Kade

Castrovalva Temple - Super Shaded
This awesome temple deserves to be super shaded, dont you think?

The Crypt - Super Shaded
Was going to put this into the castrovalva super shaded, but it seemed like it was getting full.

The Meter's Shop - Super Shaded
This place just looks too good with dem shaders!

This is for you Healix ;)
i cant believe im posting these.


Wheat Tower
That really tall project almost as old as the server.

Bachelor Pad
My home since 2012


The Secrets of the Spawn
My adventure to find the secret of the lamp


Just some nice shots of 1.7


First Home
My first home, now a derelict building. Built during CastroV3

Second Home
My second home. Built near the beginning of V4, it was my attempt at a farm house. I think I did alright.

Wind-Waker-Inspired Island
I found this island out in the middle of the ocean and wanted to build something that would fit on the island perfectly. I've always loved the Private Oasis island in The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, so I decided to build something similar.


CoeliacChicakaMM's Tattoos


The Village
Namesrhard2pik and I have teamed up to create a village that will rival HealixLand. So far we have over a dozen houses and a large cobble wall surrounding the village as our main line of defence

Tardis Presets!
So far, my tardis presets include: Mushroom, Mineshaft, Fortress, Monster Spawner, Stronghold and Soon to be Accident

Playing with fire...
Grooves, Portal and I set fire to my huge treehouse xD


Pictures of Builds
Various pictures of builds from our main city, castle, houses and pixel art.

Battles and rare moments
Various battles and pictures of significance.


Minecraft Screenshots


Tower of Eccentricism


TARDIS interior features


Minecraft Pixel Art
Pixel art I've made. If it's here and not on the server I hope to one day build it on the server.

This is what happens to cheaters' builds!

Fun with Jack



Did you know I made some of the GFX for this site?
(Some are edited to admin likings)

My Town / builds

GFX I've done
(Nothing NSFW here)


Texture Pack

The 'Quad' Party
Quadchess gets trapped in a tardis

Unfortunate Me
After many deaths, I finally destroyed the Wither with my barehands.. The misfortune was that I accidentally charged up my tardis with my nether star.. Unfortunate indeed..

D' Fishing Crew
Fish, fish, fish!


Skins!!! :D
My Skins Really Sucks


castrovalva v5 pics
v5 pics of me and other people and things

wolfee invasion
its the wolfee invasion!

2nd best sentence ever........
its 2nd best not the best........

Casland Pics
Pics from the best and only theme park casland.

it so beautiful =')
so many mes. oh so beautiful.

really mark. really?
it was april fools for him so.. i was probably just desparet. i dunno.

uh..... uh oh.
so me and portal accidentally merged our tardises together XD

um.....i thought this easter egg thing was over.....
is this like jay or marks doing? im so confuzzled....



Exploration Journal
Various photos taken on my journey to map out the southern seas.

Yokuda // Under Construction
The Fortress Island of Yokuda, pics as it was being built. -1- Since I'll need literally tons of stone brick, the first pic shows the StoneForge up and running. -2- The Docking Area

Zombie invasion
Zombies, and ONLY zombies (not skeletons, creepers or spiders) have been spawning in my warehouse ring at Yokuda. The entire structure is well lit and Triple thinks I\'m mad... Here\'s proof!


Apartment Complex
This build was my first new project coming into the v4 map. Progress is still ongoing, and hopefully it will be fully operational someday. The complex lies north of the spawn worldguard region.

This is my original castle built in survival on v4. The design eventually turned into what is now v5's spawn.

The greatest sentence

Custom Preset Guide
Here's a setup guide for the custom_preset.txt file for TARDIS.

Random stuffs

Spawn Randoms
Pictures of spawn building in progress and some after it was finished. Maybe you'll see something that was there that never made it in the end!

Random Textures
Rename sonic screwdriver textures to "blaze_rod.png" and stattenheim remote texture to "flint.png".

Lions and tigers
and bears, oh my! About each bear from smallest to largest: -- 1x1 block = 1 pixel, 33 blocks tall -- 2x2 block = 1 pixel, 65 blocks tall -- 4x4 block = 1 pixel, 130 blocks tall -- 6x6 block = 1 pixel, 195 blocks tall --

is still fishin'

Here's a stadium started on v5 with a CNB-inspired score display and a nice giant jiggy on the field. Still building...will probably never be finished...we shall see...

Stop 'n' Swop Easter Egg Hunt 2014


Good Ol' Corey


We spent a long time building our main HQ and its still not complete. All friendly visitors are welcome. The only way in is via the Village.

The Shop
Our shop is located on the south side of the City. We aim to put 2 more lvls on but will wait until we see how the market effects the trade in the city.

Dessert City
This is a long on-going project and will be extremely large when completed. It just a bit further south from our HQ building and will hopefully have some surprises for any visitors.


Klevr's Village Market



Minecraft PE Stuff
Sometimes I have WAY to much time on my hands:)


Mark & Catfair storage room, also potions area. Soon to be modified with an automatic sorting device hidden in the floor above.

Automatic Furnace
Auto furnace fuel and storage system

Chateux de Mark
Based on a real building in France, took me a few weeks to complete.

Automatic item sorter
Place almost any item in the chest, they get transported into the ceiling about where they are moved around the room and dropped into the correct chest. I used 500+ hoppers and chests, LOTS of redstone, repeaters and comperators, plus a few droppers for the item elevator. The machine sorts 86 different items, other items I didn't allow for get put into a chest at the end of the line. You can only sort itmes than can be stacked as 64 items, ie you cant sort saddles or ender pearls.

Automatic item sorter - How it works
The hopper that faces the comperator has exactly 22 items of the type you want to sort (drop in to the chests below). When another item that matches whats in the hopper it falls drops into the hopper and one item then drops into the chests or hoppers below. I have absolutely no idea why it has to be 22 items, any less and it doesn't work. Do a search on youtube.


My House
Some Pictures Of My House, Even Some Hidden Things :)

Supplies Center
A Work In Progress Build... I'm calling it: MESSpace's Material Center! (Currently Closed For Improvements)


the wither party





Some are mine, some are ones my friends did.. Some are both!

My GFX I've made.
Since I don't have my own gallery online, maybe the admins will like me post some here(not any inappropriate ones, just logos and backgrounds)


On my skin i was online


homes ;D

TARDIS stuff
random things that do with a TT capsule. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

He\'s stil here, and he still watches #healixstillcares

Herobrine BAH BAH BAH
so im in a cave...in my tardis.... and i see this.....??????


My backyard
Party down under!!

Party Time
It\'s time to party, slender style

Farewell Healix
Goodbye old friend

... what
my aim is castrovalva XD


Random things from me!!!!
A discription won't help you understand these pics...


Some intresting things
Spooky old spawn with no lights


towers junk area
some photos i made when goofing off


100% more chill than the non-snow-made variety. :P


My House

My Town
So far I've got an inn with a stable in the back, a blacksmith, a restaurant, an opera house/theater, a harbormaster and some docks. Oh and there are guard barracks in the walls of my fort.

The Map
Railic's area is near the top left. The large building nearby is my old palace. You can see the wall I built around my area (almost no hostile mobs!). Off to the far right is Ravenot, who doesn't play much.

The City
Did you know I built the art museum? Now if only the art would stop disappearing...


my castle
still being built