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    by Published on 13-01-2017 02:57 PM

    Yep, without notice. A problem with ore generation, any glitches/bugs will be dealt with immediately. Its still not perfect but at least you cant get easy diamonds now, so expect another adventure world reset without notice.

    As KleverKrafter said 'People who have been around longer know to approach any new shiny thing with caution until we work out the glitches.'

    by Published on 23-10-2016 04:10 AM

    A big thank you to everyone running the sever during my absense, I know there were quite a few problems Kelvin had to fix.

    I'll be home in another day, but wont be online much the next couple of days. Current we are at Amsterdam waiting for out first flight.

    Best regards,

    Mark & Catherine. ...
    by Published on 29-08-2016 07:53 AM

    Access to the live maps has changed.

    Use the command /dynmap webregister then follow the instructions on the map page

    Access to certain maps has changed.

    Guest - None
    Builder1/Builder2 - Spawn, Castrovalva
    Builder3/MasterBuilder - Spawn, Castrovalva, Nether
    TimeLord - Spawn, Castrovalva, Nether, TimeVortex, ZeroRoom

    Permissions are not fully tested, not entirely confident this will work for VIP groups, no time test it at the moment. Let me know if you cant access any of the world ...
    by Published on 25-08-2016 10:12 PM  Number of Views: 1619 

    Big thank you to Zick & Top for the many hours of the boring, repetitive work in updating the permissions plugin to PEX. Its something that very few players have any idea of the amount of work it requires as the server looks just the same as it did before. They just took it upon themselves to get it done, I know I was not looking forward to this task at all. The next plugin to be replaced with an alternative as it is no longer supported is the plugin that keeps track on your inventory between worlds, that wont be a major job though. Should be a simple change over which I'll look at in the near future.
    by Published on 23-08-2016 12:56 PM

    The server will be in whitelist mode tonight to start on a much needed permissions update. The current permissions plugin is not fully compatible with bukkit which is causing problems with permissions not working as they should and development of GroupManager has been abandoned. The server will be online although you will get kicked when you try to join. Ive no idea how low this is going to take, don't be surprised if it's a day or more, and when you can get back on there will probably only be basic permissions enabled ...
    by Published on 17-08-2016 03:28 PM

    VIP+++ is not an exemption from the the few simple rules we have and the way you speak to others. If Klev, Top or Zick have to tell you what's not allowed or not appropriate then don't try to get around them by asking for my 'ruling'. Now two VIP+++ players are having a little break from the server, hopefully their respect for others will return with them. I was not happy at all when I check the log for the last 15hrs.

    Here is a few important points to be aware of, although I sure you really should be fully ...
    by Published on 06-08-2016 08:08 AM

    Complaints about server settings are getting annoying. I don't consider what I have seen lately in the logs as suggestions. Suggestions are normally posted on the forum for discussion or directly to me, NOT b!%#ing and moaning to other players about what I should or should not be doing.

    Plugin settings are 99% of the time set to DEFAULT, ie what ever the plugin creator decided it was best for their plugin

    If I change something it will be because I think something is too easy and doesn't fit in with my idea of the survival part of minecraft. EG disabling MCMMO from giving you random items when digging, glowstone was only ever to be found in the nether and not in the overworld. Tardis backdoor, disable because its to easy, setting home locations in the Tardis, end world and Nether as it was never intended for you to be able to port around to any world when ever you wanted to, its not Stargate of Star Trek.

    Below are the current (DEFAULT) settings for the Tardis, if you want to know what it all means you will need to read the docs yourself. No more whining about me changing settings to odd values please.

    # artron energy
    player: 25
    random: 75
    travel: 100
    comehere: 400
    hide: 500
    nether_min: 20000
    the_end_min: 35000
    recharge_distance: 20
    lightning_recharge: 300
    creeper_recharge: 150
    full_charge: 5000
    full_charge_item: NETHER_STAR
    autonomous: 100
    backdoor: 25000
    jettison: 75
    jettison_seed: TNT
    render: 250
    zero: 1000
    standby_time: 6000
    standby: 5
    condenser: Location{world=CraftWorld{name=spawn2},x=-131.0,y=99.0,z=-202.0,pitch=0.0,yaw=0.0}
    redstone: 7500
    plank: 5000
    eleventh: 10000
    steampunk: 5000
    budget: 5000
    bigger: 7500
    custom: 10000
    tom: 5000
    ars: 5000
    war: 5000
    deluxe: 10000
    twelfth: 7500
    pyramid: 5000
    master: 10000
    ender: 5000
    coral: 8000
    just_wall_floor: 50
    random_circuit: 150
    siege_transfer: 10
    siege_ticks: 1500
    siege_deplete: ...
    by Published on 29-07-2016 05:35 PM  Number of Views: 1733 

    by Published on 12-07-2016 06:35 PM  Number of Views: 1775 

    I see player numbers are increasing again, its normal for the server to be fairly quiet and then activity returns. Lots of the older players regular players seemed to have disappeared, but that's normal also, people move on and new players become the long term regular players giving advice to other new players. Other minecraft servers come and go without warning, unlike this one. We have been around for several years now, unlikely we will disappear overnight with you losing all your hard work. We could get more players, but I wont be lowering our standards.

    Lots of updates to the Tardis, you really need to keep up with all the changes.
    by Published on 12-06-2016 09:01 AM     Number of Views: 1901 

    Rule 7 - Do NOT ask for staff, admin, mod or op. NEVER EVER! GOT IT?

    Which includes asking in a 'not asking way'

    IF I decide we need someone else, there will not be a post asking for nominations. Ill just announce who the new mod/admin person is without warning to everyone else. At the moment I see no need for anyone else unless Top, Zick or Klev decide they are leaving forever, even then as the server has been so quiet for a while (as I haven't been promoting it) we still have enough to cover those roles and to keep the thieves and cheaters under control.

    The best way to get noticed (for all the wrong reasons)

    The best way to get noticed (for all the right reasons)
    • Mature attitude
    • Don't whine about losing stuff
    • Long term player (at LEAST 1 year on the server, regular player and without disappearing for months at a time)
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