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Thread: Im sorry can i be unbanned

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    Im sorry can i be unbanned

    I joined the server like a year ago and when i went to go back on it said a was banned for muti-Accounting can i please get unbanned im sorry for what ever i did a year ago

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    Funny how you now are so sorry about it..

    Here's how it goes. You should have read the rules. Like I pointed out in your little poll...


  3. You mean 4 months ago? I am surprised you'd be back trying this again after what you said in your last ban appeal. I say move along. It's over.

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    You know exactly what you did, and then there was that offensive poll you created (which I altered ). I think this is where you show your maturity and abuse us again?
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    lmao, after abusing the staff and players, he still begs to come back, this is too funny

  6. No one is going to let you back on after your little poll , I suggest that you learn from this mistake by realising if you want something you don't insult the person who can give said thing to you. It really shows your immaturity when you do things like this and immature people aren't allowed on this server. I wish you best luck finding another server and hope you don't make the same mistake on that server.
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    let me just remind you all I was banned for a potato so your basically calling yourselfs stupid second this was years ago unban me if you want I'm running my own server now so I really don't care now.

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    I'm a bit stoopid so you need to spell it out for me, are you appealing to be unbanned or not?
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    Thank you for providing further evidence to support my model of "The Ban Cycle"

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