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Thread: The 10th Doctor - David Tennant

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    The 10th Doctor - David Tennant

    "Post your favorite Doctor here and let Mark tell you why you're wrong!" Interested to hear why I am wrong in this one 10th is the best :P

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    Woo 10th doctor for the win! (10th is my fave too )

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    10th is the best, of the new series.
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    WOOOO, I love the 10th Doctor. He's My Favitore ALSO!
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    I think he's still my favorite, but Capaldi is growing on me.

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    Capaldi is growing on me to, but i like eleventh best.

  7. 11th Doctor I like the best. My favorite episode the Day of the Doctor is during the 11th Doctor story line which I Love. Who doesn't like River Song, she sassy and the Doctors wife, Spoilers lol. Also Amy Pond she rocked for companions and then came Clara Oswald "Run, you clever boy." the one that step into the time stream. This all happen on the watch of the 11th Doctor, he Rules!

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    Zick..this is a post about 10th Doctor , make a seperate one ;P

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