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Thread: I need a way to enjoy this game again

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    I need a way to enjoy this game again

    I'm really trying to enjoy Minecraft again, but it's not working. The only reason I still occasionally come on this server is to chat. I think the reason why I'm not enjoying the game is because I'm done all the things I'm doing many, many times, I've been playing this game since the 1.1 update, and I'm just not finding a way to enjoy it now. If anyone knows of a fun thing I probably don't know about, or some modpack that really adds a lot to the game, then feel free to tell me
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    There was a mod waaay back in i think beta 1.4_01 called SDK's gun mod, at the time it was pretty fun, dunno if you can even find it nowadays. Its single player only, though there might be a modern updated weapon/vehicle mod around. I just never bothered to look for myself lol.

    If you want multiplayer you could try searching for servers that have different mini games n' such.

    Or! If you want a blast from the past, go play an alpha version of the game! Boy those were the days, eh? I did like how alpha terrain generation worked, it looked awesome... Anyway it will get boring after a while though, since it was pretty much just the core gameplay of minecraft back then. It's interesting how much the game has changed since 2010..
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