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    Angry HELP!

    I got banned for stealing, and I was wondering, what did I steal? I didn't greif anybody, so please let me know what happened. I just got on a few days ago, and got banned. Please let me know what happened and if I can get back on because I have been bullied for the past weeks, and I went on this server, and I was happy, and there were people being nice and helping me on what to do, and I really like that. So please I would like to be back on, maybe have this ban be a warning for not stealing. Thank you!
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    Yeah, you were banned for stealing. Does dragons breath ring any bells?

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    Oo, a ban appeal

    I doubt there was a mistake here, so may I remind you of the rules DO NOT STEAL FROM ANYONE, got that?
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    When you registered you agreed to read the rules and the website.


    So you knew not to steal. Also the village you entered and stole the stuff from had a Worldguard greeting message saying READ THE SIGNS before entering, and those signs told you not to steal from chests.


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    just delete my account that I signed up for, because why would I need this account if I can't play the game?

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    I know I made mistakes, and I shouldn't have made them, but I would like a second chance. At least for a little while. I do things without knowing what I am doing, so please lend me a second chance with this mess, I can return all I found, and no more stealing. Please.

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    No need to return what you stole, because everything you've ever done in the server has been rolled back

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