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Thread: Full Apology - NateJY

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    Lightbulb Full Apology - NateJY

    I know you are most likely not going to unban me, but yesterday as you may be aware I was using Xray. I wanted to apologise and explain why I did this and why you could consider to unban me.

    Although I may not have a Doctor Who skin or related name, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and have never used the TARDIS plugin before. I used Xray to build up enough money to purchase the rank 'Builder2' in order to obtain the nether brick TARDIS because it looks AMAZING but I now realise I could have just lived with a more basic one. Ever since I have been banned I have regretted it and been annoyed at myself for using it. I tend not to cheat however I was desperate to get the TARDIS and I shouldn't have been so greedy.

    I only did this on your server because its the only one I could find that I wanted to play on. It has an amazing community that is kind and accepting to anyone and I so dearly regret betraying everyone on it. It is by far the best TARDIS server on Minecraft and I REALLY wish I can play on it again some day.

    As a suggestion, I wondered if you could do some form of public in game punishment infront of everyone with a public apology and once over, You can reset my inventory, money, ect.. and continuously monitor me as I promise I will never use Xray or any other cheats ever again on your server. As it seems that you would like to be amused, I thought that this would be a funny idea that you may want to take into account.

    My most wholehearted apology...

    - NateJY

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    One of the better ban appeals I've ever read, you did come across as seeming very happy as to finding the server and the plugin. Probably the first time I've ever said this but goodluck with your appeal

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    Thank you for your support, I just hope that I may be accepted again within this community.

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    Not going to happen. Go find a server where they don't care about cheaters.
    If you're my friend, follow me around the bend.

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