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Thread: Best/Fave gift(s) this holiday season

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    Talking Best/Fave gift(s) this holiday season

    Like the title says, whats your favorite gift you got (or gave) this holiday season? (obviously you don't have to post if you don't want to, not trying to force anyone lol)

    I have a little story I'd like to share with everyone that I feel beyond grateful for. (also, sorry if it seems like im bragging, I really don't mean to)

    So for Christmas my brother bought me some subwoofers for my car, I think they're somewhere around 10 inches in diameter or something... Anyways, I was very surprised, but I guess it figures because he just got a new sound system for his car not long ago.
    The only problem was that he couldn't get an amp for the woofers in time, but I told him I can get my own sooner or later. For a few days I had a car subwoofer just sitting in my room.

    (sorry for the slight change in subject, please hear me out) For those who don't know, I work at an auto parts store, selling car parts, giving advice, and occasionally helping customers directly with minor repairs/maintenance (light bulb replacement, batteries, windscreen wiper replacement, etc.)
    SO, one day, one of our regulars came in and bought batteries for his diesel pickup truck (diesel trucks use two car batteries, and they can get pricey). Of course, I helped him swap out the old batteries since its a free service we do when you buy a battery.
    However, there was one problem. One of the terminals that connected to the battery itself was completely ruined by corrosion and age, and was nearly impossible to disconnect from the old battery.
    We both came to the conclusion that the connector had to be cut away and replaced, no question about it. We replaced it, AND replaced the other three connectors for the rest of the battery system since we were already out there with the tools.

    I didn't ask for anything in return because I did it purely out of kindness and customer service. About a week later (was actually yesterday from the time I write this) he came back to buy things and we got to chatting; told him my story about the subwoofers and he starting asking questions about amps and cables n' things like that. (lol is that proper use of a semicolon?)

    Being as oblivious as I am, his point of the conversation completely flew past me.
    Late that evening he came back AGAIN and bought me a gift, take a guess. Wrong, it was an amp for my car! I was genuinely shocked that he went out of his way to do that for me. I guess I shouldn't be SO surprised he did that because I went out of my way to help him out with his truck, But dang! It really did make my day!

    Welp, that sums up the biggest part of my Christmas this year lol... Thanks for reading!

    I know some of you probably wouldn't mind a picture or two.. or ten... There ya go!
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    Cool story asp! (Now I have a better image on where to come and shout Hi asp in the middle of your day).

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