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    I was recently approached by I believe Klev, (I am sorry, I have a terrible memory and it could have been another admin) on the matter of leaving tree tops around. While I understand that it is not ok to leave them around I was unable to find the tops that he was speaking about in my area. I normally do not cut trees in my area because that would disrupt the aesthetic of the surroundings. Because of that I do not know where those tree tops are. I have searched the area, when I was told to remove them and yesterday but was unable to find any. In order to not get banned for a simple thing that can be fixed, can an admin find the area with these tops and message me the co-ordinates, or email them, or reply to this thread. Or at least tell me what type of tree it is. So I can make sure I get rid of the tops. I have set up base in a multi biome forrest so I have every type of tree excluding Jungle trees.

    And to whomever placed the tag on my name, saying that I like to leave trees ect., would you please remove it. I am ok to wait for it to be removed until I can clear the tops and clear up this misunderstanding.

  2. Your nice name tag that I selected for you will remain till the trees are removed. Try looking around 19 67 207

  3. I just want you to know, I went to those co-ordinates, and I have never cut down trees there. That area that is next to the tree tops would be my best guess as to who cut them down. My home base is no where near where the tops were. I just want to make sure that admins know that this is not my area, I would not want you guys to ban me a week from now because someone else is breaking the rules. I have removed the tops. There was a log of birch, an oak top on the hill, and a dark oak tree that have been removed. I suggest talking to the owner of the Hotel that is 20 blocks next to the trees. I believe that they may be the ones who are leaving the tops.
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    There is a plugin that logs what blocks have been broken and placed. Admins don't just make assumptions on who left the tree tops. It may be a bit tricky to find them, but just do a good search and maybe get someone to help

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    Also while I'm here, may I propose that we put the don't leave tree tops information on the rules or new builders page. The article on it is very much buried with the rest of the articles, and will become more buried as time goes on
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  5. You were there and I have proof. Next who said anything about banning you, I didn't. Glad you took care of the problem , I'll remove the tag next time I log in.

  6. Thank you, no one said anything about banning, I just want to make sure that it doesn't come to that. I will make sure that all trees that I touch are completely gone.

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