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Thread: why banned ??

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    why banned ??

    i am banned for telling sink if he wanted to go on my server this is just wrong i dot see why i am banned

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    You should go to swikea to get yourself a new sink then.

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    You were banned for your continious swearing, we are a PG server and your "WTF" is not acceptable here. you did that three times if I remember correctly, that's more than enough reason to ban you. But after you suggested zick about going to your server, he said no. You called him a dick for that. That was over the line.

  4. Not to bright calling Sink a name that is not allowed on the server. Poor Sink i'm sure he is in shock from all of this! Life goes on, and so will you, on another server!

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    The Sink has spoken. Game over dude, game over.
    If you're my friend, follow me around the bend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xphomegra View Post
    You should go to swikea to get yourself a new sink then.
    Now 50% off!
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    Stop stalking me ya creep ;-;
    I just don't have any words for this thread XD
    just... I'm in tears this is hilarious

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