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Thread: Little to no activity?

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    Question Little to no activity?

    Like is it just me? Whenever I end up going on the server (which unfortunately is quite rare now) I see no one on, I'm always alone... *sobs*
    Even checking the website daily the online players is usually one person max (who at the time of writing is Redikko ). What's goin' on??

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    I check the forum every day, and very rarely do I find anything. As for the server, I don't play on it anymore because my interest in Minecraft isn't as much as it use to be.
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  4. I log in and see Swix most of the time. I must be missing everyone else who logs in , I think most of us waiting for the plugins to update and once we get the server to 1.12 you will see more people logging back in. Summer is here now it will slow down for few months.

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