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Thread: OrangeCreeper's ban appeals now for SALE!

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    OrangeCreeper's ban appeals now for SALE!

    That's right, you can now purchase the absolutely wonderful appeals made by the one and only OrangeCreeper. In collaboration with Swixen. Please contact me or him if you are interesting in purchasing.


    A wonderful word is given for FREE!*
    One random sentence - £200
    Two random sentences - £500
    An entire exciting appeal - £1312314801957916385127635187256109

    Customer Service

    We strive to provide excellent customer service. If you need anything, just ask!***


    Because we say so, any attempt to preview OrangeCreeper's ban appeals without asking is now piracy. You may not own the appeals. You may not hug the appeals. You may not show any affection to the appeals. Swixen didn't have much to do with this, but all criticisms about this post should go to him.

    *It is only available for preview for 10 seconds
    *We are not required to respond
    *You can only ask one question per purchase
    *You must keep your questions as short as possible

    Terms and conditions probably apply

    Edit: Because I'm going all legal info, I should probably say that this is a joke
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