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    Discord Spam Attack

    Our Discord server was hit by a spam attack. 3 randoms joined when me and Red were chatting away. We had no idea who they were, however I had a feeling they were spambots. I was unfortunately proven correct when they started spamming. I believe an un PG word was used and a picture of a dog being abused. Thankfully, this attack didn't last as long as I thought it would when Jay came to the rescue!

    A word of warning though, get some spam protection! This situation could have been avoided with a good mod bot. It also raises the question of whether there are enough active admins on the Discord. Excluding Jay (who isn't really an admin,) there were no online admins. If Jay wasn't here to save the day, the attack could've gone on for a lot longer.

    Anyway, have a lovely day! And if you're not on Discord, don't let this situation stray you away, come and join us! and since Discord is getting video chat soon, IMO it's going to wipe the floor with Skype.
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