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Thread: Admins, just so you know

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    Admins, just so you know

    Eccentric has added Gallifrey as a world, and since we do already have skaro, why not have the home world of the Timelords as well!

    ~Just a suggestion from Red~

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    Oh yeah and according to eccentric, there is a way to let sounds be heard from a distance like the tardis hum which at the moment follows you around and plays only for a few blocks away

    According to eccentric:

    You can already change the change the range that sounds are heard at in the config:
    the default is 10, setting it higher will increase the distance that sounds will be heard

    ~Another suggestion by red~
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  2. Thanks Red for the info Ill talk to Mark about it and check for settings on the sound

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    Ya know, I should get back into Minecraft

    Edit: Also, did eccentric really add an entire world in one github commit? Wow
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