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Thread: The GM2K Conspiracy

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    The GM2K Conspiracy

    Bender is a character from the popular animated tv-show Futurama, which aired during 1999-2013.

    GM's profile picture is Bender, coincidence? No, but keep that in mind as we go along.

    2013-1999 is 14. Also known as, fourteen. Fourteen rhymes with Bean. What's a bean? That's right, food.

    There are four letters in FOOD.

    Four is a number. Bender is from the year 3000. 3000 + 4 = 3004. A thousand years ago (relative to 3004) Half-Life 2 was released. Do you know what this means?

    Conclusion. Half-Life 2 never got a proper conclusion to its story. But it will. GM2K would know because he's from the year 3004. The same year that Half-Life 3 was released. But it doesn't stop there. GM2K is in fact Bender, hence why he's from the future. In other words, Bender is here to stop Half-Life 3 from happening.
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