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Thread: Dispenser with lava bug?

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    Dispenser with lava bug?

    Hi, I recently designed a cow and sheep farm (The server I am on allows for cow and sheep spawners to be obtained) where they spawn for around 24 seconds (24 hoppers with 1 second timing, weird spigot mechanics) and then every time the item passes through a certain hopper, lava turns on for 5 seconds. I use a pulse extender with six comparators, 3 facing north 3 facing south with redstone connection on each end of the lines. When the pulse extender starts, observer activates a 10x10 roof of lava that stays until pulse extender finishes, when observer turns it off. My 100 dispensers are hooked up by just placing redstone on top of all of them. My issue is, after using the farm for a while, tending to be walking away and back, individual dispensers get out of sync. When the others are off, it is on, then it turns off when others are on. I don't think it is chunk loading, because it is only individual dispensers, not every dispenser in a certain chunk. somehow individual dispensers are getting a pulse when they should not be. Here are a few images to get a sense of the farm. Four non-dispenser blocks in the center of the dispensers have spawners underneath them, so I do not need any lava there. The floor is covered in pressure plates to prevent lava going all the way down and burning dropped items. In second image, all lava should be off. One of the hoppers has turned on. This is a spigot server, so it is possible that this has something to do with the issue. I know it causes problems elsewhere. I do not believe it has anything to do with modifications made specifically by the staff members or plugins.

    For more details : whiteboard animation

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    Try asking on the server you play on. We dont do cheaty things like spawners here.
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