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Thread: Anyone there?

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    Anyone there?

    I don't know what it is, but this community appears to have just died. I don't play on the server, but judging from the infrequent chat logs, that seems a bit empty. The Discord server is nowhere near as active as it use to be. Both Jay, and Swixen have left that Discord server. So I have one question on my mind: is anyone there?
    We have an unbreakable spirit to win. A bulldog tenacity that will help us to hang on while there's breath left in our bodies. You don't get that with Gestapos and jackboots. You get that by being British. So come on, Adolf. We're ready for you

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    Im still here lol

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    Still here every now and then, but life is cruel and you can't just play minecraft all the time :P

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    I am still here, but same as Topp, life happens :/

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    I never left

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    Hi there!
    If you're my friend, follow me around the bend.

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    I'm here
    I was also wondering about all the emptiness but I figure it's because everyone's busy :P
    Be awesome, be yourself.

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    hi there
    If you need any help just ask me, I don't bite!
    - Mr_Boss_Man

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    Just the tumbleweeds blowing around the deserted buildings
    If you're my friend, follow me around the bend.

  10. Still here. Just life keeping me from my favorite game....

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