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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    Hello, my name is TheNachoMobster, formally known as MrChubbaThoan.... (terrible name)
    I was banned for gieifing someone's items. BUTT here me out throughout this long short story of a wonderful tale of a quest of an adventure...
    Now I have no idea when i did this and no idea who i did this to. But now i regret it because i have never been able to find a server like this one. Now I kknow what i did was a major thing and was stupid... Now lets begin our long short story of a quest of an adventure.....

    It all began with a boy. He was a boy on a quest... a quest to find the most epic server of perfection... he had been on so many servers and read so many rules, and a lot of them were ok with griefing. *transitions to 1st person* Now I got so confused with the rules, one minute it was ok to pirate peoples homes and the next it wasn't. I was in one of those pirating moods to plunder someone's home, and i thought the server allowed griefing and decided to take someone's items. I don't condemn pvp and raiding/griefing anymore, fore i have been taught a lesson from this, because i have never been banned from a server before. And once i was i was so upset. I had done so much in this server and made friends. Please just give me a chance to redeem myself. I want to play on this wonderful server again, because there is none like it. Please just another chance?

    If you do give me a second chance I will prove myself trust worthy...
    -TheNachoMobster (MrChubbaThoan)

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    If you're my friend, follow me around the bend.

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