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    Everything on the thatsnotacreeper.com domain will be moved over to the new server sometime this weekend. IE the server and website will be unavailable for a while until the dns propagates around the world. It may appear that we have taken the millions in VIP donations and finally bought that deserted island in the Pacific ocean (think Lost tv show), we havent quite managed to save enough yet.
    However, if you haven't seen this message because you don't bother to ever check the web site then you probably are thinking we have run away with all the VIP donations and are now relaxing on our newly purchased island with a Pina Colada, so enjoy the next few hours cursing us for losing everything you have built.

    GM2K Edit: The transfer has started. If you're seeing this message then that's a good sign things are starting to work again.


    UPDATE: 12:30pm Website working, Minecraft server is being moved at the moment.

    GM2K UPDATE: 1:12pm - I think everything should now be right. If I've missed something please let either myself or mark know. Thanks

    UPDATE Mark: 1:50pm - We now return to our normal program.