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  • Dynmap working better then ever

    There were some problems with dynmap that should now be fixed but unfortunately you'll need to re-register with dynmap to view maps other than spawn. To do this run this command from in minecraft: /dynmap webregister

    Then visit our map, click 'login' down the bottom right and register your details (note the password does NOT have to be the same as your minecraft password). Then you should be able to log in to dynmap and view all the maps.
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    1. AussieDingo25's Avatar
      [Builder2] AussieDingo25 -
      I tried to re-register about 10 times, and I get "Registration failed (bad passcode?)".
    1. Zick_Silvertree's Avatar
      [Admin] Zick_Silvertree -
      did you go into the game and type /dynamap webregister ?
    1. AussieDingo25's Avatar
      [Builder2] AussieDingo25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zick_Silvertree View Post
      did you go into the game and type /dynamap webregister ?
      Yes.. and I tried about 5 different codes it gave me. None worked.