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    by Published on 19-02-2016 08:14 PM  Number of Views: 1759 

    Already a VIP+++ but he still sent a VERY substantial donation to the server cost. However there was no way I'd except that much money and refunded him, Asplinduh still insisted on donating a very generous amount which I gratefully accepted for all of us. Its our long term players (donators or not) that make it worthwhile keeping the server running all these years. The thieves and griefers get tiring, but there are a lot of players always on the lookout for the type of people we do not want here getting, almost 1500 banned players ...
    by Published on 13-02-2016 01:27 PM  Number of Views: 2163 

    I cant let Jay leave without acknowledging the huge amount of work he has done for the server over the last few years. Players come and go, some get an assisted passage to their next server while those that have been around for years all seem to move on eventually. As I've always said, VIP+++'s are permanent members and will never be deleted and their Tardis will still be waiting for them in the hope they return or even log on occasionally to say hello.

    Thanks Jay, for your help in running the server and keeping the thieves and griefers under control.

    (Here would be a good time for everyone to leave a message for Jay)
    by Published on 31-01-2016 09:20 AM

    Thank you to the two players who created the enderman trap in the End, you both have been around long enough to know you cann't do that as it lags the server. I'll put it down to stupidity, as deliberate griefing will also get VIP's banned (its happened before). One permission has been removed from you both. ...
    by Published on 21-01-2016 07:03 AM

    Junk Tardis is restored and appears to be working ok now. ...
    by Published on 17-01-2016 08:58 AM

    Due to a problem with spawn (most of it was missing), all worlds have been restored to the last backup which is about 12 hours ago. All work done in that time no longer exists.

    At worst a restore would only lose 24hrs, which is nothing really when you consider the number of months or years many of us have been building for. If you are new, then you lost virtually nothing.

    Rule 3 applies. ...
    by Published on 09-01-2016 07:56 AM  Number of Views: 4150 

    Everything on the thatsnotacreeper.com domain will be moved over to the new server sometime this weekend. IE the server and website will be unavailable for a while until the dns propagates around the world. It may appear that we have taken the millions in VIP donations and finally bought that deserted island in the Pacific ocean (think Lost tv show), we havent quite managed to save enough yet.
    However, if you haven't seen this message because you don't bother to ever check the web site then you probably are thinking we have run away with all the VIP donations and are now relaxing on our newly purchased island with a Pina Colada, so enjoy the next few hours cursing us for losing everything you have built.

    GM2K Edit: The transfer has started. If you're seeing this message then that's a good sign things are starting to work again.


    UPDATE: 12:30pm Website working, Minecraft server is being moved at the moment.

    GM2K UPDATE: 1:12pm - I think everything should now be right. If I've missed something please let either myself or mark know. Thanks

    UPDATE Mark: 1:50pm - We now return to our normal program.
    by Published on 01-01-2016 08:47 AM     Number of Views: 46806 

    1.9 for release must be very close now, so now is the time to submit what you want saved. The reset procedure was posted over 4 months ago, ie you have had lots of time to prepare.

    Reply to this thread to leave the co-ords here, do not email me, do not send a game message, do not send a private message through the web site, only co-ords posted here will be saved. Before you reply with the co-ords for what you want saved....
    If you think something has not been answered then read it again, we have been through this a few times now and its unlikely I've missed anything important. ...
    by Published on 23-12-2015 10:21 PM  Number of Views: 3850 

    Finally updated the VIP list, please let me know if you see any mistakes.

    https://www.thatsnotacreeper.com/con...-contributions ...
    by Published on 22-12-2015 02:07 PM  Number of Views: 2010 

    1st Prize is a lifetime Builder1 membership

    And the winner is
    [13:15:47] [Server thread/INFO]: <[Guest] DeadBolt15> is it redonkulis that you have to register 2 use a tardis tho? ...
    by Published on 08-12-2015 08:36 PM  Number of Views: 4767 

    I have just ordered a new server to run thatsnotacreeper.com and pokebay.com on. It seems to be about every 18 months we upgrade the server, the new server has double the ram and storage for the same price we are paying now (GM2K Edit: The price is actually a worthwhile amount less). We have about 5 weeks until our current server rental expires. We will let you know when the change over to the new server will happen, ideally it would happen at the same time as the 1.9 upgrade. When we do move to the new server the domain name (ie server) will be unavailable for a few hours while the change of DNS takes effect around the world.

    Now seems to be a appropriate time to mention supporting the server with a VIP subscription..special hello to our long term players out there. Remember, this server runs on the generosity of a minority of the active players. Without those generous players there would no server, I don't know of any other survival build server that protects your build projects like we do, banning players without warning or second chance who have shown to be untrustworthy with the admin/mods investigation ALL reports of problems with players behaviour, stealing, language etc. Our priority always has been to look after our current player base even at the expense of gaining more players by rejecting others that cant be trusted or meet our high standard of behaviour....1397 banned players and counting. [/shameless plug]

    NOTE: I'll be asking for co-ords soon of what you want transferred to the new world, keep watching this space.

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